Read Internet in your Native Language

I believe language to be one of the major reasons people feel constrained exposing themselves to new ideas. They don’t read or explore their ideas because most of the content to deep dive in is not available in their local languages or the ones they know.

So, In this article I wanted to share a nifty way to convert any article to your native language.

To follow this you will need a smart phone and Chrome browser installed.

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app.

    Chrome menu

  2. Go to settings.

    Chrome Settings

  3. Select Languages.

    Language settings

  4. Enable offer to translate to other languages and Add the language that you want to translate your webpages to.

    Add language

  5. Click on Three dots besides your added language and select Offer to Translate.

    Offer to Translate

  6. Open the webpage you want to translate into your language.

    HN Translation

You can achieve the same results on your laptop or desktop if you have Chrome browser installed. Refer to the documentation from Google here.


I would like to thank my Dad for this post. When I was helping him browse internet in Gujarati, I found this trick.

Have any cool tricks or questions about the post? Share them in comments below.