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This post is about a very simple problem that I came across while leading a task which would improve management’s Visibility into QA team’s efforts and overall software product quality.


A bit of a background, I was working on integrating a JavaScript based Test Automation Framework with Reportportal to share test results with upper management and also gather insights from our test results on different environments (PR, Staging, Prod, etc… 😄).


For my Automation Framework to log results to ReportPortal there was a small configuration file that I had to make which looks something like this:

"token": "YOUR_RP_TOKEN",
"endpoint": "RP_HOST",
"project": "",
"launch": "",
"description": "Tests"

Looks simple. My task would have been done here, If I had to run all tests on every environment from my local.😌 But it doesn’t work like that. So, I had to make sure it works on our CI/CD environment as well (Like it should in a normal Software Development team).


We have our CI/CD environment built on a cloud computing platform. And we run our tests on a Dockerized solution using docker-compose files which use Linux as their base OS.

One more thing is before sending data to report portal host we also need to connect to a secure network. And to achieve this we had a small Shell script which was doing that for us.

But all my PR builds were failing when it reached to running the shell script part. And the error it gave was:

/code/ Permission denied

Finding the Root Cause

First try

My first thought was that my docker-compose context might not be correct and that might have been causing issues. But everything there was alright there so that was not the case.

Second try

Since context wasn’t an issue, I thought Docker container might not have enough permissions. Since I was trying to modify the connection settings of the container, I thought of giving it some extra capabilities using cap-add.

So, I added following things to my docker-compose file:

    - /dev/net/tun

Still I was getting the same error.

/code/ Permission denied

Note: I would have had to add those capabilities later on even if my script started executing. Because without those capabilities docker would not have been able to change the Network Interface and connect to a secure network.

Third try

After losing all hope and not able to find what the issue was I tried to do one last thing. I tried to run the tests by simulating the cloud environment on my local. Since I use a PC, I built the whole thing and ran tests on my local using Docker and WSL2. And I got the same error. Asking a colleague of mine he casually suggested me if I have assigned execute permissions to the file. 🤦‍♂️

Since, I created the file using VS Code on my windows machine it didn’t occur to me to assign execute permissions to the file. I gave it execute privileges, committed the change and it started working as expected.

I felt so stupid after missing such a basic thing. 😄

Have you faced any such issues. Let’s connect and have a laugh about them on:

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