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Let’s start with owning mistakes.

I have been thinking about lots of different topic for past few months. But what I haven’t been doing is writing them down. (I mean I was but all of them are scattered throughout my journal which I am too tired to go through.)

I believe writing your thoughts down helps you create an anchor that you can refer to at a later point in time. I guess that is also why people write journals. To reflect on things that they are going through at a later point in time. This in general gives you a sense of direction in which your thoughts are going into and helps not drift around the world as your environment affects your thoughts and thinking.

That is why I thought of creating this anchor post. To have some sense of a reference point that I can look at and build my ideas with right motives in my mind and to not get distracted by everything going around me.

OK. Without wasting any much of everyone’s time.. Let’s dive in.


After getting scammed for almost 100,000$ I started thinking about money as something of a tool rather than something that has control over my reality. Or in some cases it has over lots of people’s realities. Pravritti in my opinion is a place which helps you amplify your talents. You want to earn money how to do it more? You want to play cricket, How to play it great? Do you like running, How to do that best?

In Vivekananda’s words, “All are going to the same goal – the discovery of innate divinity. Only that which we do ignorantly, we ought to do knowingly, and better”.


Confucius said, “We have two lives, And the second one begins when we realize we only have one."
What Confucius failed to mention is that both lives are not continuous. There might be days when you feel like you only have one life and on others you might feel like just wasting it. It would be a lie, If I say that I have figured out what he meant or how to live a meaningful life.

But I would like to for a quest in a similar direction. This is why I am making efforts to learn my values. Or settling in jobs which align more with my requirements. Qetup is something of a commercial endeavor to help build lives of individuals and businesses around values and not goals.



Last year when I visited Barcelona, I remember I traveled like 10kms a day on foot and it didn’t feel tiring. I don’t even walk 1km when I am at home. I know people will say that I am just being lazy or I am too busy doing irrelevant stuff like binging on Netflix that’s why I am not walking. But I have an alternate theory and that is of Environment.

The beautiful architecture with amazing buildings and spacious pedestrian roads in Barcelona kept me so mesmerized that I didn’t even think about how much I had walked. While in my home town every step I take is dusty road or a puddle. At some point you are so discouraged to walk that you don’t even want to go outside. Everything feels like effort instead of a wonderful experience.

Gurus of modern world

My father suggested me “Aghor nagara vage” a gujarati book about aghoris and sadhus roaming in modern world without hogging any limelight just minding their own business. There are mentioned of some Gurus who can read your thoughts by just looking at you or implant ideas by just looking at you. At some level I thought about the art of negotiation and the role that body language plays in telepathic communication that I started relating modern world CEOs or scientists to such Gurus.

Now whenever I look at people who have sheer motivation to get their tasks done I think of them as such sadhus who can get anything done. Doesn’t matter the nationality/religion/caste.

Product management

Product management is a field that people in software business think of as someone who drives the software products that they are building. Such a fascinating role which delves into assessing current markets, listening to customer’s needs, pain-points, and desires and also collaborating with engineering and internal teams in their organizations to craft a route for the product development.

Knowledge Diffusion

Our institutions (think of schools, universities, or businesses) are built in a way which promotes easier knowledge transfer and innovation at these specific points. I believe that is the case because it also solves some problems such as costs of distributing knowledge, and sharing ideas with like minded people. But I muse sometimes how much sense such an idea make in a world where everyone worked remotely for at least a year or two.

I guess it is time to ideate on institutions which are not built around infrastructure but people. An efficient distribution channel for ideas which does not differentiate between nationalities, caste or creed but only thinks of people who care about specific subject and the ones who don’t. Let individual curiosities take charge of evolution for once.


I got a dog recently. Not that recently. He is almost 8 months old now. Quiet remarkable how fast they grow. But also everything that they do is so fast. Running, breathing, eating, etc. etc. At some point I wondered if it is the speed of breating that has kept dog lifespans so short?

Anyway, I was thinking about how dogs or any other animals have evolved in nature that they have a very acute sense of whatever is going around them. How they perceive the world as they are not looking at people or their names or their individualistic identities but exploring their aura. And interacting with it as they would play with a plant or a beetle.

There are still things such as criminology, personal finance, urban planning, open source technology, distributed communication, and lot more that has crossed my mind. But I will keep the anchor post to this much and will post about anything else whenever it occurs to me.


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